Cross-Platform Web Design

Our Apps and Web Sites are optimized for access on all platforms such as;

– Desktop PC

– Tablets

– Smartphones

What this means is that our websites are smart and realize what type of device has connected and they optimize themselves accordingly. No more awkward zooming to read the text on your tablet or smartphone!

According to the Office For National Statistics;

“The internet was used daily or almost daily by 82% of adults (41.8 million) in Great Britain in 2016, compared with 78% (39.3 million) in 2015 and 35% (16.2 million) in 2006.

In 2016, 70% of adults accessed the internet ‘on the go’ using a mobile phone or smartphone, up from 66% in 2015 and nearly double the 2011 estimate of 36%.

In 2016, 89% of households in Great Britain (23.7 million) had internet access, an increase from 86% in 2015 and 57% in 2006.

Regular internet use continues to rise, with more than 8 in 10 people going online almost every day in 2016.”

Daily internet use by adults, 2006 to 2016, Great Britain

Source: Office for National Statistics